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Asalinia Tunbridge, Feb 21, 12 4:25 PM.
Hey everyone, chances are a lot of you are pretty mad at me at the moment for seeming to simply disappear. Well several pretty major/life-changing things have been happening in my life the last few weeks and have been taking up almost all the time i would use to check up on and manage the project, and im afraid it can't be helped. 

However, once things begin to settle i'll be heading back to the project with more gusto than before to try and get roleplaying running on Scarshield Legion! Linking to that point, i have to congratulate everyone involved in the project for the continued efforts to roleplay and and advertise while i have been away, it's just what the project needs and you get a massive thank you from me! :)

To wrap up, please continue to enjoy roleplaying on this great realm, i'll be back with you soon enough ;)

Information Page Problems!

Asalinia Tunbridge, Feb 1, 12 11:53 AM.
Having a few problems adding new information on to the information page at the moment. And when i tried it somehow ended up wiping all the info that was on there...However, i am working on it. Should be back to normal soon enough.

Regiment Recruitment Days

Asalinia Tunbridge, Jan 21, 12 9:36 AM.
If you are looking to join the Regiment, there is now a great time for you do do so! Every Tuesday at 8:30pm realm time, citizens of the kingdom are invited to head down to Westbrook Garrison to prove their worth to its soldiers. If these individuals impress us enough, you will be invited into the ranks the very same day! But not only is this a chance to get recruited into the ranks, if you need to speak to any members of the Regiment, there is almost a 100% at least one member will be online on these days.

Market stands

Mitchy, Jan 21, 12 8:52 AM.
As the market faire is upon us once again, I encourage anybody who feel like making a few coins to store and bring any Gray/white or BoE items that someone might like for their RP set. Anything from casual shirts to armor.
Ofcourse this goes for all the future markets aswell. It is a good alternative to the AH, which seems pretty empty when it comes to RP gear, and you might make a profit unless you are willing to pretend that you get paid, up to you.

Faith and hard work!

Inactivity Problem

Asalinia Tunbridge, Jan 14, 12 2:45 PM.
If your involved in the project, be sure to check up every few days! New information and decisions are being made every day and we need as many as we can online to make them. Furthermore, a few people are unsure about joining up the project due to member inactivity, this might become a big problem if it isn't sorted. More than anything, if as many of you as possible can come to the Market Faire that would be great. We have a lot of new people who are interested coming to this event and it won't do us good to have 3 project members there.
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